Our History

We started a revolution. And we haven't stopped.

Not long ago, many people were asking, “Legal e-billing, matter management, legal spend management? What’s that?” Those days are gone. Today, the early, modest e-billing applications have mushroomed and multiplied into a dazzling array of technologies designed specifically for legal services now known as enterprise legal management.

Today, corporate legal departments, law firms and claims departments know the essential value of harnessing technology to every activity and need. As one TyMetrix wag likes to say, “Our technology can do everything but try your case for you.” 

Who led this revolution? TyMetrix.

Founded in Hartford in 1994, TyMetrix combined the talents of demanding lawyers with those of talented software developers. The result was a synthesis of legal practice knowledge with engineering genius that characterizes the company today.

In 1995, quickly out the box, TyMetrix developed the first task-based billing system. Within two years—in 1997—TyMetrix became the first company to deliver online e-billing. A revolution in legal services was now under way.

Automated compliance checks followed in 2000. Then in 2001 TyMetrix acquired its patent for e-billing, and the following year became the first company to deliver online matter management solutions.

In 2002 success and recognition followed: TyMetrix ranked first in Deloitte & Touche’s Fast 50 in Connecticut and #72 in Deloitte’s Fast 500 Tech Companies in North America.

A new parent, a global leap

The following year, 2003, TyMetrix was acquired by the global information services company Wolters Kluwer. Later TyMetrix opened its London office, the first outside North America. The first non-North American client was the global energy giant BP.

2004 was a landmark year: TyMetrix launched TyMetrix® 360°, an end-to-end enterprise legal management platform with e-billing, matter and case management, document management, budgeting and analysis, and reporting solutions.

From 2007 to 2011, TyMetrix launched a series of industry-leading applications and enhancements: A claims collaboration edition of TyMetrix 360 for insurance companies (2007), a dynamic reporting, decision support and consulting service (2008), dynamic workflow and vender management apps (2009), the Real Rate Report® and business intelligence solutions called Intelligence-On-Demand (2010).

Making big data our clients' best friend

In 2011 TyMetrix dived into big data in a big way. The company launched the industry’s first data-driven Legal Analytics solutions business, leveraging TyMetrix expertise and a permission-based data asset, LegalVIEW®.

The same year TyMetrix launched the TyMetrix 360° for claims and risk enterprise legal management.

In 2012 TyMetrix went mobile: It launched the first mobile application for faster invoice management on multiple smart devices. Once so strange, e-billing now could be done on a commuter train over a cup of coffee.

The revolution continues

In 2013 TyMetrix released its revolutionary TyMetrix 360˚, the advanced enterprise legal management platform that incorporates a friendlier user interface and intuitive workflow for speedy decision-making.

Looking back, TyMetrix was founded by lawyers and techies who were passionate about technology’s potential to transform the legal business. Today, as part of the global information services and publishing powerhouse Wolters Kluwer, TyMetrix continues to lead the charge for informed, intelligent and profitable relationships across the global frontiers of legal activities.

A look back: View our timeline.