Helping legal professionals master their businesses and build profitable relationships.

For the business of law, information technology is transforming everything from filing invoices to pricing engagements to measuring results. Those who manage or litigate cases and claims feel the power of this revolution and must harness it to remain competitive and achieve business success.

TyMetrix helps legal professionals make technology a source of strength and momentum. We combine enterprise legal management products with expert professional services and legal analytics to help clients uncover and seize opportunities to optimize their businesses.

  • Corporate Legal Departments work with us to manage day-to-day complexity, reduce legal costs, achieve better litigation results, and work more transparently with outside counsel. Learn more.
  • Claims and Risk Departments rely on our products and expertise to streamline insurance case management, lower defense costs, and improve indemnity payout. Learn more.
  • Law Firms look to us for technology and support to meet clients' financial expectations, strengthen business practices, and benchmark pricing to compete effectively. Learn more.
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  • Corporate clients would rather pay for a little bit of a partner's time than a lot of a first-year associate's.
  • With corporate litigation on the rise, legal departments look to grow their ranks and further engage outside counsel.