For assistance, law firms may contact our Client Care Center:

  • Email-to-Case
  • Phone (860-549-8795, Ext. 1)
  • Live Online Support through the Support tab in TyMetrix® 360°

Law Firms

Strengthen your firm's competitiveness, profitability and client relationships

The legal services marketplace is being transformed, with clients demanding ever-greater transparency and proven value from the firms they engage. TyMetrix helps law firms deliver enhanced value through our pioneering matter management software, data-driven legal analytics and expert professional services.

Negotiate fees based on real market benchmarks

See exactly how your performance, pricing and staffing strategies stack up against those of competing firms with our Real Rate Report® and other TyMetrix Legal Analytics offerings. You gain negotiating leverage for rates and fee arrangements that reflect your firm’s distinctive contribution to client success.

Staff matters with greater precision

Draw on our TyMetrix’s LegalVIEW® data warehouse to see how competing law firms are staffing specific types of work and build better staffing strategies. Zoom into specifics – including timekeeper rates by geography, practice area, matter type, industry, firm size and experience level – or zoom out and see how billing has changed over the past three years.

Get paid faster with simplified invoicing

Give your staff more time to focus on substantive matters by eliminating their need to track paper invoices or account for adjustments. TyMetrix® 360°'s standardized e-billing invoice submission and review system is easy to use and eliminates costly delays in getting paid for your work.