The end of the year is a great time to reflect and reset. As we close out this year and look forward to the next, we look back on the major themes and trends of 2018. Our readers’ top blogs were mainly focused on hot industry topics – specifically AI and technology:

Legaltech 2018 Sparks Industry Dialogue on Cybersecurity – From start to finish, a key theme at Legaltech 2018 centered on cybersecurity. The message was clear: data security is something that must be inherent throughout the very fabric of a legal organization.

A Lesson for Legal Operations Professionals: Take Risks for Greater Rewards – The legal industry isn't necessarily known for its risk-taking. But this Q&A points out problems technology can help solve and how to get more people on board with tech that’s redefining legal processes.

Brutally Honest AI: Dispatches from Real-World Implementation Projects – Given the hype, it’s not a surprise that artificial intelligence was a focus at CLOC 2018. Our client panel went deeper into how legal professionals are using AI and offered suggestions for organizations ready to implement it.

Legal Operations Software: Five Criteria to Find a True Technology Partner – Jonah Paransky, EVP and GM of ELM Solutions, has the key to finding true technology partners (hint: you have to look past the present and focus on the long-term benefits).

"Supercharged" Invoice Review Helps Legal and Claims Teams Find Value with AI – Armed with AI, our expert review team helps us augment and enhance the work that our customers do today, giving them the tools to supercharge their legal operations and claims processes.

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